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Twenties Legacy Community

Turquoise Couch


A community for those self-employed in their 20s.

Whether you're a founder, freelancer, creator or side-hustler.


There is a private Facebook group to connect, chat, get advice, give advice (event vent) and more.


I host regular events where you can learn from experienced experts in their field (they vary in topics and industries).


This website offers many free resources to help you self-manage self-employment, from being productive to marketing and managing your finances. 


There are also weekly blogs you can learn from or enjoy reading about mine & others' self-employment moments. 

You can follow me (Saffron) on LinkedIn to get self-employment tips, productivity insight and more.

Plus, the other socials have a lot of great content on, check them out!


As a young founder, I could never find a space dedicated to those in their 20s and individuals like me (self-employed) to talk, get or give advice, network and find resources.


Being in your twenties is hard enough, and your decisions are very different from those you would make when you're older, more experienced, and have a more extensive network.


The world is costly now, and I don't want that to deter anyone from pursuing self-employment. I am working my butt off to provide you with ways to still pursue your dream of self-employment without breaking the bank or getting funding. 


So, here it is!


To create a fun and safe learning environment for all of you.

To help you self-manage self-employment. 


Very soon, I'm releasing a reward programme with discounts from several brands and businesses, plus a lot of other benefits! 


I'm also working on some products to help you day-to-day in your journey. 


My name is Saffron (most people call me Saff). I'm 25 and live in London! My background is in Marketing and PR, and I still freelance within this. I used to run a marketing agency and decided to sell it off because I was not in love with what I was doing, I do not suit the corporate world whatsoever, and it was not a life for me. Freelancing allows me to be free and flexible. Building this community is a passion of mine, I want to help others better themselves and do what they love. ​


I love:

  • My friends and family

  • DOGS

  • Travelling

  • History 

  • Good food

  • Improving myself

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